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The Great Library of Alexandria – Historical Fact or Just a Beautiful Legend?

  Imagine the halls, the vast places and the greatest scholars learning together. You can smell the scrolls and you can barely hear the voices of the lecturers and students in the lecture rooms on the other side of the building. Outside there is the garden and a little zoo. This is the perfect place … Continue reading

Moustache, Italian Accent and a Honking Horn

Remember the fake eyebrows, the brilliant pantomime and the Italian accent? They are known as Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo, but their real names are Leonard, Adolph, Julius Henry, Milton and Herbert Manfred. These five and one more, Manfred, were the children of a Franco-German Jewish family. Minnie and Simon were the parents. The … Continue reading

The Junkies of the Supernatural

Many people today think that Tim Burton’s works are unique. He brought the beauty in horror, and gave it a romantic touch – they would say. However, those who have read The Raven or Frankenstein are convinced in something quite different. Burton is a genius, but he only gave a new interpretation of the stories … Continue reading

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo – The Geniuses Who Hated Each Other

   They are among the best artists ever born. Both Italians, they were rivals and disliked each other. At the time when Michelangelo was born, Leonardo was already becoming a famous painter. It is thought that the younger genius copied his older opponent, owing to the fact that some of Michelangelo’s paintings are similar to … Continue reading

The Dawn

My aspirations to become a writer exist as long as I can remember. Time has finally arrived for me to start doing something to make this dream a reality. Before I explain the purpose of the blog, I would like to inform the reader that I am not a native English speaker, hence you will … Continue reading

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